• MRI phantoms for your quantitative imaging needs

    Publish quantitative results with confidence
    Harmonize data across protocols, scanners, and sites


“The Calimetrix phantoms provide constant known fat fraction and R2* values on which we can test our sequences.  We have been tracking the values over time, and have established the range of precision of our instrument.  If the test data falls outside of this range, it will alert us to a potential problem before discovering the problem during a study, and losing valuable clinical data.  Our facility is committed to quality data generation; having the known values to compare our biological results to provides us added confidence that any changes we detect are biologically relevant.  The Calimetrix team was very responsive during the purchasing process; they answered all questions adequately and in a timely manner.  They were also instrumental in optimizing our set up to acquire the test data.  I am confident that they would continue to provide great customer service if it was needed now, even a year after our initial purchase.”
Heather Cornnell, PhD
Translational Research Institute for Metabolism and Diabetes, Florida Hospital